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Welcome to WomenWork!

We are the go-to network for ambitious female professionals in Kenya. Founded on the principles and power of community, we provide women with access to opportunities, networks, exposure and skills development that help them realize their full potential in the workplace and in their businesses.

Crush Your Next Product/Service Launch With Experts

Your Catapult Journey Mapped Out for a Succesful Launch

Catapult Program combines product launch knowledge, specialized coaching and a founder-accountability community to help you evaluate different ideas to identify business priorities, validate your product/service, set the right price and pitch your idea to key industry players.

The Gameplan:

6 SME coach-led in person masterclass

1:1 Individualized coach support

Thoughtful matching with like-minded founders to hold you accountable to your launch goals

Opportunity to pitch your new product/service to industry insiders

The community you need to accelerate your business or career!

Being a WomenWork member allows you to tap into a diverse and influential network of powerhouse women that connect, inspire and collaborate with one another! Become a member today and meet with like-minded women, access new opportunities and learn from industry experts!
Over 4,000
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Be a part of a community of over 4,000 ambitious women entrepreneurs and professionals and make lasting connections, whilst receiving the resources, opportunities, advice and support that you need to go about your daily grit and grind.

Our engaging events & webinars bring together the most vibrant selection of inspiring women. Attend one of our events & webinars and build authentic connections, while gaining the skills and networks needed to grow your business or career.

Our experts in residence workshops are deep-dive (tailored) sessions with top-notch industry professionals and a small group of participants (1-8max) to really cover whatever the participants want to know over a two-hour session!