Terms of Service

The following Terms of Service (‘TOS’) apply to your use of our Service on WomenWork (the ‘Platform or ‘Service’) including any content, functionality, goods offered directly on the platform or via an ancillary platform. These TOS include our Privacy and Data policy that you may review.

We prepared WomenWork Terms of Service (“the Terms”) to help explain the terms that apply to your use of the Service.

If you do not agree with a Term kindly let us know members@womenworknetwork.com. Kindly be aware that this may affect your use of our service.

1.1 Changes to TOS: These TOS may be updated at any time. WomenWork serves you according to the following terms. Once the updated Terms and Conditions are published, they will immediately replace the original terms without further notice. Users should pay attention to and abide by the service.

1.2 Changes to Service: Except as otherwise expressly stated, new products, new features and services introduced by us are unconditionally bound by this terms.

1.3 Acceptance: Please read and agree to the full terms of this terms before using the services provided by WomenWork. If you do not agree to the amendment of this terms, you must stop landing or use all the services provided by WomenWork if you continue to access or use the Services, you are deemed to have accepted all the terms of this terms, including any amendments made to this terms.

2.1 Compliance: You must comply with all policies provided in the Service.

2.2 Application: The service constitute legal terms between the user of our products and services (“user” or “you”) and the Company. It applies when You access, the Platform and other third party app stores, or installed on third party devices and/or the services provided through the Platform. In the service means and includes the Platform and these services, individually or collectively.

2.3 Unconditional Application: WomenWork uses its own system to provide You with abundant online resources and services through the Internet, unless otherwise specified, enhance any new functions of current services, these terms shall apply unconditionally.

2.4 Communication: We may send you service announcements, management messages and other information as you use the Services. You may choose not to receive some of the above information.

We will only use your personal information as set out in our Privacy Policy.

4.1 Termination: WomenWork may terminate the provision of services to the User at any time if we have reason to believe that any of the Your actions, including but not limited to any of the Your statements and other conduct, violates or may violate any of the laws and regulations of your country without any prior notice.

4.2 Control: You acknowledge that WomenWork does not have full control over the Your usage. When users use any content, including relying on the correctness, integrity or practicability of the aforementioned content, You agree to judge and take all risks on their own. WomenWork does not assume any responsibility.

4.3 Use of Personal Information: You understand and agree that we can save or disclose your personal information in the following circumstances:

  1. Compliance with legal procedures;
  2. Execution of this terms;
  3. Responding to any claim by a third party;
  4. Protect the rights, property or personal safety of WomenWork, other users and the public.

5.1 Legal Protection: Any text, images, graphics, audio, and video material contained in the services provided by WomenWork are protected by copyright, trademark, portrait rights and other property ownership Laws. No part of the above information may be used, reproduced or used for any other purpose without the consent of the relevant rights holder, and may not be rewritten or redistributed directly or indirectly in any media for broadcast or publication purposes, or used for any other purpose commercial purpose. Any part of all this information or information can only be stored in a mobile phone and/or computer for personal use.

5.2 Limited Liability: WomenWork is not liable for any delay, inaccuracy, error or omission arising from or resulting from the above-mentioned information or in the transmission or submission of all or part of the above-mentioned information.

5.3 Third Party IPR: WomenWork respects intellectual property rights in its proprietary content, original content and other exclusive or exclusive content obtained through authorization. Without the written permission of WomenWork, no unit or individual may reproduce, disseminate and provide listening services privately or engage in other violations of WomenWork’s intellectual property rights; otherwise, it will bear legal liability.

5.4 User Non-Infringement: All rights of any software used by WomenWork for the provision of network services (including but not limited to any images, photos, animations, videos, recordings, music and text, accompanying help materials contained in the software) belong to the copyright owner of the software, without the permission of the copyright owner of the software. Users shall not decompile, disassemble, modify, translate, adapt, reverse engineer the software, create derivative works from the service or any part of it or re-license it, or circumvent, disable or otherwise interfere with the security-related functions of the service, or prevent or restrict the use of any part of the application of replication.

5.5 Consent: Users are prohibited from transferring or transferring the Application or any of these Terms of Service and/or any rights or obligations under these terms without the prior written permission of the Company.

6.1 Acceptance of Risk: The user clearly agrees that the risk of using WomenWork service will be solely borne by himself/herself; all consequences arising from the use of WomenWork service will also be borne by himself. WomenWork is not liable to users or any third party.

6.2 Platform Uptime: WomenWork does not guarantee or guarantee that the network service will meet the user’s requirements, nor does it guarantee that the network service will not be interrupted, nor does it guarantee or guarantee the timeliness, security and accuracy of the network service.

6.3 External Links:WomenWork does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of external links set up to provide convenience to users. WomenWork does not bear any responsibility for the content of such external links pointing to web pages.

6.4 Force Majeure: For network service interruption or other defects caused by force majeure or reasons beyond our control, such incidents include, but are not limited to Internet connection failures, computer or communications and other system failures, hacker attacks, network viruses, natural disasters, strikes or riots, material shortages, riots, wars. WomenWork does not assume any responsibility for such actions, but will do its best to reduce the losses and impacts caused to users.

6.5 Accuracy: WomenWork does not guarantee the truth, accuracy and completeness of any information, content of others obtained from the Service (collectively, the “Information”). If any unit or individual conducts any behavior through the above “information,it must discern the authenticity and discretion to prevent the risk. Otherwise, for any reason, WomenWork shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages or liabilities for any transactions and/or actions that are not directly related to WomenWork.

6.6 Deletion: If the user ceases to use the software or the service is terminated or canceled, WomenWork may permanently delete Your data from the server. WomenWork is not obligated to return any data to the user after the service is stopped, terminated or cancelled.

6.7 Liability: The user clearly understands and agrees that WomenWork shall not be liable for any loss, including but not limited to profit, reputation, application, data Loss or other intangible loss, due to the following reasons:

  1. Various network services provided to users free of charge;
  2. Any product or service presented to the user;
  3. Various products or services attached to the charging network service users;
  4. User data has been used or modified without authorization;
  5. Other matters related to the Service.

7.1 Limitation of Liability: The user clearly understands and agrees that WomenWork shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, derivative or punitive damages, including but not limited to profit, reputation, application, data Loss or other intangible losses, for the following reasons:

  1. Unable to use the services we provide;
  2. In order to replace the cost of any goods, data, information, services purchased or acquired from or through WomenWork services, information received, or transactions concluded;
  3. Any error or instability in the software;
  4. The user’s transmission or data is subject to unauthorized access or alteration;
  5. Statements or actions made by any third party in WomenWork services;
  6. The user purchases goods or services from a third party based on the advertisement information published in the product or service;
  7. Other matters related to WomenWork services, except those specified in this terms.

7.2 Action of Violation: In case of violation of relevant laws and regulations or the provisions of this terms, WomenWork will make reasonable judgments according to the law and the above rules, take appropriate legal action against anyone who violates the law, and save relevant information according to laws and regulations and Department reports, etc.

8.1 Modification: WomenWork reserves the right to modify the Service temporarily or permanently at any time without notice. The User agrees that WomenWork shall not be liable to the User and any third party for any modification, suspension or termination of the Services.

8.2 Termination: The user agrees that WomenWork has the right to consider terminating the use of WomenWork service or any part of the service on its own, and to remove and delete any content of the user within WomenWork service. WomenWork will terminate the service of this product at any time.

8.3 Notice: The User agrees that the services provided under any provision of these terms may be interrupted or terminated without prior notice.

8.4 User Data on Termination: The User acknowledges and agrees that we may immediately close or delete all relevant information and documents in the User’s account and User Account, and prohibit the continued use of the aforementioned documents. Or the service of this product. In addition, WomenWork shall not be liable to You or any third party if You agree that the use of the product has been interrupted or terminated or that the Your’s account and related information and documents have been closed or deleted.

8.5 Service Availability: You understand and agree that the products and services are provided in accordance with the current status and conditions, and will do their best to provide services to ensure continuity and security; however, we cannot foresee and prevent the law at any time., technology, and other risks, including but not Limited to force majeure, viruses, hacking, system instability, network environment, third-party services, government actions, etc., may result in service interruptions, data loss, and other losses and risks. WomenWork is not responsible or liable to You or third party for any loss of Your data caused by the above reasons.

8.6 Material Breach: Your rights under this service will automatically terminate if you breach any of your material obligations under this service.

By using our payment processing services, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

9.1 Payment Obligations: Members are responsible for providing accurate payment information and agree to pay all applicable fees and charges associated with their transactions.

9.2 Security: Members must not engage in any fraudulent activities or unauthorized use of payment methods. We reserve the right to investigate and report such activities to the relevant authorities.

9.3 Refunds: Refunds, if applicable, will be issued according to our refund policy. Members must comply with the specified guidelines for refund requests.

9.4 Data Protection: Our Privacy Policy governs the collection and processing of personal information during payment processing.

9.5 Dispute Resolution: Any disputes related to payments will be resolved in accordance with our designated dispute resolution process.

9.6 Dispute ResolutionWomenWork reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time, and updated versions will be effective upon posting.


By using our payment processing services, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

10.1 Cancellation: Members may request order cancellation before the publication of service. To initiate the cancellation process, contact our support team at members@womenworknetwork.com with the relevant details. We will review the request and process it according to our cancellation policy. Please note that membership payments and events are not eligible for cancellation or refund.

10.2 Refunds: Refunds will be processed only for programs in accordance with the applicable refund policy. If eligible, refunds will be issued to the original payment method used for the transaction within 7 days. Processing times may vary depending on the payment provider.

10.3 Non-RefundableMembership and events payments are non-refundable, and members will be notified before purchase.

11.1 Governing Law & Conflict of Laws: The effective, fulfillment, interpretation and resolution of the terms shall be governed by the laws of Kenya. If any provision of these terms is invalid as a result of conflicts with the relevant laws, these terms will be as close as possible to the original provisions of these terms, and the other provisions of this terms shall have full validity and effect.

11.2 Disputes: If there is any dispute over the content of this terms or its implementation, it should be resolved through friendly negotiations. If the negotiation fails, the parties to the dispute will unanimously agree to final binding arbitration as under the laws Arbitration Act, Laws of Kenya.

11.3 Headings: The title of all clauses of the terms is only for the convenience of reading and has no practical meaning in itself. It cannot be used as a basis for the interpretation of the meaning of these terms.

11.4 Severability: The terms are partially invalid or unenforceable for any reason, and the remaining terms are still valid and binding on both parties.