The go-to network for ambitious female professionals in Africa.

Reaching your full potential is our priority.

Through a rigorous process, we identify our members’ needs and curate highly tailored and exceptional quality opportunities to bridge the gap of where you are and where you want to get to.

With over 7000 plus members, we provide a rapidly growing base of female professionals and entrepreneurs with a diverse peer community of rising female leaders to connect with as we cheer them on in their journey.

We provide women with access to opportunities, networks, exposure and skills development that help them realise their full potential in the workplace and in their businesses. 

Our members  get exclusive access to highly curated, impactful learning sessions that are tailored to whatever stage you are at in your journey.  Whether you are just starting out or well-seasoned, we are  bringing you hard hitting, practical lessons about everything from fundraising to leveling up and negotiating your next promotion!

WomenWork was built by Women for Women...

Two female entrepreneurs Isis Nyong’o and Asha Mweru, came together in 2017, and started WomenWork out of the stark realization that talented women in Africa are deliberately slowing down, starting micro-businesses or opting out entirely from the formal economy due to structural biases and unique challenges hindering their growth prospects.

They created a scalable approach through WomenWork to address these barriers.

Starting with a closed WomenWorkKE Facebook group, the network  has organically grown to over 7,000 women entrepreneurs from diverse industries who are leveraging the peer-to-peer community to grow their business networks, gain support, increase their customer base and deepen their business knowledge.

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