Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We are a verified community.

To guarantee the contribution of every member and their alignment with our principles of community focus, sharing value, active appreciation, confidentiality, presence and commitment, and approaching differences with curiosity, we thoroughly verify each individual who joins our community.

We build relationships

We match members and promote the development of meaningful relationships, both in-person and online. We cultivate a community that facilitates networking based on the exchange of valuable connections.

We close the divide between knowledge and action

We use executive coaching sessions and a supportive community to create a safe space where you can apply real-world challenges and practice your leadership to improve your business and scale the corporate ladder.

Our focus is on identifying women who are actively working towards creating change and leaving a lasting impact in different areas. To gather necessary information about their background and reasons for joining, we request members to fill out an application form. In certain cases, we may conduct phone interviews to assess their motivation for growth. We also highly appreciate members who bring a distinct passion that they can contribute to our larger community.

No, we don’t charge a membership fee. We only charge for specific events, coaching and services that are designed to bring you growth under our AllStars Initiative.

AllStars is a thoughtfully planned initiative that offers customized networking connections, executive coaching, and valuable opportunities for our members to enhance their businesses and advance their careers. In an industry where coaching lacks regulation, we exclusively collaborate with certified executive coaches who possess expertise in their respective fields and have extensive experience working with accomplished female leaders. These coaches have a comprehensive understanding of the individual aspirations and professional goals our members seek. Additionally, we provide members with weekly growth opportunities that enable them to further explore leadership challenges and areas for development.

In the coaching field, there is a lack of regulations allowing anyone to claim themselves as a coach. However, we only collaborate with highly experienced coaches who have led organizations and have specialized in guiding accomplished female leaders.

Coaching facilitates learning, accountability, and personal growth by fostering empathy and offering different viewpoints. It can be reassuring to see your own experiences reflected in those of your peers, reducing feelings of isolation, and also allowing for the exchange of practical advice from real-world situations. We firmly believe that coaching is an excellent approach for bridging the divide between knowledge and implementation.

We have two categories of female leaders with a total membership of 7,000+ individuals. These groups consist of career professionals and entrepreneurs. Our members come from various backgrounds such as management executives, technology, finance, manufacturing, agriculture, real estate, and other industries. The majority of our members are business owners/founders, decision-makers, and executives at the C-suite level.

The foundation of WomenWork lies in its growth programs. We carefully organize peer programs for women in various fields, which are guided by certified trainers and experts in their respective subjects. These programs merge knowledge, coaching, and a supportive community that holds participants accountable, enabling them to delve into business challenges, identify areas for improvement, and foster personal growth.

Yes, you can apply from any location. WomenWork was founded in Kenya but we are growing into a Pan-African community. We’re gradually expanding into new countries.