Crush Your Next
Product/Service Launch with experts

Our in-person Catapult Program will give you just the gameplan you need for a successful launch with:

A Customized Course Designed to Scale Your Business

Catapult Program combines product launch knowledge, specialized coaching and a founder-accountability community to help you evaluate different ideas to identify business priorities, validate your product/service, set the right price and pitch your idea to key industry players.

What to Expect from the Catapult Program by WomenWork

Problem & customer segments identification & qualification

Strategy, value proposition, business model & SOPs

Developing a solution, MVPs + customer market fit

Go to market deep-dive

Preparing the pitch for finance & investment

Data & entrepreneur matrix

Program at a glance

Your Catapult Journey Mapped Out for a Succesful Launch

Orientation Day

Meet the business coaches, fellow participants, and WomenWork members who will walk with you on this exciting journey on an amazing platform custom-made for success.

Business Needs Assessment

You will be matched with a coach who will conduct a detailed assessment to understand your current business model and which insights, tests, and effort you have already put into developing a new product or service.

Start of Program (Nov 2022)

You will join the participants in a 3-month-long new product/service development program that will cover all areas relevant to launching a new product/service. You will be thoughtfully matched with other business owners from both African markets who have different strengths and areas of need into groups of no more than 6 members

End of Program (Feb 2023)

Launch your new product or service into the market and to industry insiders.

Application is quick and free!
No application fees are required.

Step 1

Complete the application form (takes less than 10 minutes!) and submit. Please note that your personal information is protected under our privacy policy and will only be used to track your application status.

Step 2

Using the phone number provided, We will call you to verify your details and collect additional information about your business determine if you’re a good fit for the program. Should you be successful, you’ll be required to pay 50% deposit to secure your slot, i.e.  Ksh10,000/820 Cedi.
Fee is non-refundable.

Step 3

Once your application has been reviewed internally we will email (using the email address you provided) you to inform you if you have been accepted into the program. At this stage, you will need to make a final 50% payment to begin your coaching sessions, i.e. Ksh10,000/820 Cedi. The program starts in November 2022 and ends in February 2023.

Are you eligible for the program?

  • 01

    You must be a Kenyan/Ghanaian citizen. Other African nationalities with permission to work in these countries are also welcome.

  • 02

    You must be a female founder or own 51% shares in your business

  • 03

    Your business must be atleast 2 years old and with an existing successful product/service

  • 04

    You'll need to commit Ksh20,000 or 1,640 Cedi to access the program benefits (3 Coaches, practical learning experience, peer accountability committees, and much more)

  • 05

    You must be based in Accra or Nairobi or able to travel for the in person sessions

  • 06

    Your business must be registered in and have operations in Kenya or Ghana.

Frequently Asked Questions

Catapult Program by WomenWork is a new 3-month program that seeks to provide end-end support to women founders in Kenya and Ghana who are looking to launch 🚀 a new product or service in the next 3-6 months.

As a Catapult participant, here is the value you will receive throughout the program;

  • 3 one-on-one sessions with experienced start-up coaches who have launched products before to handhold you through critical problems you need to solve, brainstorm new ideas to further grow your revenue, and hold you accountable and encourage you when you feel like it’s tough.
  • 6 In-person learning sessions guided by a curriculum curated with the African female founders in mind, covering all aspects of product or service launch to leverage what you already know while exposing you to new knowledge and industry best practices.
  • A one-year subscription to WomenWork premium membership with exclusive perks on a whole new bigger, better platform for verified members!
  • A chance to pitch your new product or service to industry insiders who will give direct, real-time feedback and may even partner/invest in your new product or service!
  • Small and effective accountability groups of like-minded peers who are also launching products and services at the same time in Ghana and Kenya to bounce ideas off of, motivate you and keep you on track.

You are eligible if you meet the following criteria:

  • You’re a Kenyan/Ghanaian citizen. Other African nationalities with permission to work in these countries are also welcome.
  • You have a valid national ID or passport as proof of your nationality.
  • You’re female founder or own 51% shares in your business.
  • You’re ready to pay Ksh20,000 or 1,640 Cedi to access the program benefits (3 Coaches, practical learning experience, peer accountability committees, and much more.
  • You’re based in Accra or Nairobi or able to travel to all in-person sessions.
  • Your business is registered in and has operations in Kenya or Ghana.
  • Your business has been running/operational for 2 years or more.
  • Have a business that already offers products or services.
  • Your business DOES NOT engage in the following activities:
    • Gambling/betting, sex-related industries
    • Drug-related businesses
    • Weapons manufacture & war-related Activities

No it is not. Catapult participants pay a fee of Ksh. 20,000 or 1,640 Cedis. You’ll be required to make the first payment of 50% deposit to secure your slot (Ksh10,000/820 Cedis) and the final 50% payment to begin your 3 month coaching program.
Fee is non-refundable.

The application is quick and free! No application fees are required. To apply for the program, simply fill in this link We will contact you in 2 weeks regarding the status of your application. Coaching will begin in November 2022.

WomenWork does not charge any fees for application. Selection is purely based on the selection criteria earlier stated. Review and verification processes are free and fair.

Applications will be assessed on a first come first serve basis. Steps for selection and approval will include:

  • Review and screening of submitted applications to determine if you meet the program criteria highlighted above
  • Email notification informing of your successful application and selection
  • You will be notified via email on how to make your payments to secure your slots and begin learning
  • Instructions on how to access the Learning Management System and Networking Community
  • Provision of a training schedule, and pre-training content and to join a community of fellow learners

Be sure to look out for the emails regularly.

WomenWork will provide technical support in the form of training coaches, training schedules, assessments, and updates via a learning management system. You will receive updates and important information via this system and/or via email. You can ask questions directly to your head coach in Ghana or Kenya. The support will ensure a seamless, compelling learning journey for you.

For any further questions and assistance, please contact WomenWork Team at

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